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Frequently Asked Questions - Prewards


What is a Preward?

A Preward is a digital incentive (like a coupon) that is linked to your financial institution-issued bank card account. Merchants in the Prewards network link these digital incentives to your account for you to enjoy at their restaurants, stores or places of business. You do not have to do anything to get Prewards except register for the program and then shop at the participating merchants' in-store and/or online locations.

Who runs the Prewards program?

Brought to you in conjunction with your financial institution, the Prewards program is powered by edo Interactive, a pioneer in the digital incentive space.


How do I register to receive Prewards?

On the home page of this website, simply register your email, password, and account information (i.e., first 6 digits of your card number, last 4 digits of your card number, and last 4 or 6 digits of your financial institution account number or SSN). To complete registration, just answer a few simple questions about yourself (e.g., home zip code, gender) that will help edo award you with the most relevant offers possible, and you will be ready to start saving!

Why do you ask me to register an account username and password?

We need a way to identify you each time you log into your Prewards account.

Can I register more than one bank card to my Prewards account?

You can only register one card per account at this time. To register a second, you will need to use a different email address and register a second account.

Account Management & Redemption

How many times can I redeem a Prewards offer?

A Prewards offer is available one time.

If I run my debit card as a credit transaction will I still get my Prewards savings?

Yes, you will still receive your Prewards savings.

If my card is also enrolled in a rewards points program, will I still receive rewards points for purchases that qualify for Prewards?

Yes, if your card is enrolled in a rewards points program you will earn points plus receive Prewards savings when you redeem Prewards offers.

How do I know what Prewards are available to me?

When a new Preward offer is available, you can find out in two different ways.

  • Visit the "Prewards" page (specifically the "Available Prewards" submenu).
  • You can opt to receive email and/or text notifications about updates to your Prewards account by editing your "Communications Preferences" on the "Settings" page.

Where do I find all of the details about a Preward?

On the "My Prewards" page, click "View" on any of the available Prewards to learn more about each deal.

How do I redeem a Preward?

Redemption could not be easier. Simply pay for your everyday purchases with your debit card and watch the savings add up.

How do I know when a Preward has been redeemed successfully?

A record of each redeemed Preward will be logged in the "Redeemed Prewards" submenu on the "Prewards" page. In addition, an email and/or SMS text message can be sent to confirm your redemption.

How long will it take to receive my savings?

Your savings will be posted to your checking account statement within one day of making your qualified purchase.

Why don't I see any Preward information on my paper receipt?

The Prewards system is not tied directly to the merchant's point-of-sale system, so there will not be any information about your redemption on your receipt or invoice. The Prewards system is, however, tied to your financial institution's transaction system, so in order to see your Preward redemption information you must check your account activity and/or your email/text message notifications (if you've chosen to receive them).

What if my Preward did not work?

First, please check to see that your purchase met all qualifying criteria (e.g., minimum purchase amount, active within the specified dates, correct store location). If you feel that your purchase has in fact qualified for a Preward redemption, please contact our customer service team by filling out the "Contact Us" form on the site.

How do I receive my Preward credit?

The savings you compile by redeeming your available Prewards offers will be credited directly to your debit account with your participating financial institution.

Can I see all of my past Preward redemptions?

Yes. You can view all of your past redemptions on the "Redeemed Prewards" submenu on the "Prewards" page. There you will find the date of your purchase, as well the amount of the Preward redeemed.

What if one of my favorite merchants does not offer Prewards?

We are very interested to know from which merchants you would like to receive Prewards. Feel free to send us your suggestions via the "Contact Us" page on the site.

How do I change my account information (e.g., mobile phone number, communication preferences, etc.)?

After logging into your account, visit the "Settings" page to make changes.

Why did my friend get a Preward offer and I did not?

Preward offers are specifically designed to fit your own personal shopping habits. Your purchasing history may be from different retailers than your friends or family. If you would like to request a particular offer that a friend or family member has received, please let us know via the "Contact Us" page.

Privacy & Security

What is the myPrewards.com Privacy Policy?

We are committed to protecting our customer's privacy and security. To learn more about our "Privacy Promise," click here.

Will edo sell information about me and/or my purchase habits?

No. Our team will never sell or distribute information about you and/or your purchase habits.

Will I start receiving "spam" if I join the Prewards program?

No. We will only contact you based on the communication preferences you specify on the site.

Exclusions & Limitations

Can I use special offers and coupons and still earn Preward credit?

Yes. Preward credit will be provided even if you use an additional offer or coupon to make your purchase.