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Saving For Something Special Just Got Easier

You use your debit card for any number of everyday things – buying lunch, getting an oil change, picking up some groceries. What if each time you made a purchase, the spare change was rounded up to the next dollar and deposited into your savings account for that special purchase or vacation?

Introducing the Spare Change Savings Program from Community Bank of Broward. Whenever you make a Community Bank of Broward Debit Card purchase, we will round up the transaction to the next highest dollar and deposit the difference (the "Spare Change") into your savings account. For example, spend $12.40 and we will deposit 60 cents into your savings account. Spend $8.14, and we will deposit 86 cents into your savings account.

Before you know it, you'll have the extra cash to treat yourself to something special. All you need to sign up is a Community Bank of Broward Debit Card, checking and savings account, and you must be enrolled in e-Statements.

It all just goes to show: Change can be good.

To start saving today, please call or visit your local branch.

Spare Change Program FAQ'S