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Line of Credit

A Community Bank of Broward Business Line of Credit may be appropriate if your asset conversion cycle has expanded, indicating the need to:

  • Take advantage of trade discounts
  • Carry receivables
  • Purchase inventory
  • Finance seasonal sales or sales fluctuations
A line of credit is secured by collateral, which may consist of any combination of the following:
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • Investments such as marketable securities, cash value life insurance and certificates of deposit
  • Equity in real property
  • Principal's hypothecated assets
To qualify for a Community Bank of Broward Business Line of Credit, your business should meet the following basic criteria:
  • Provide sufficient operating history and/ or projections to support the loan request.
  • Demonstrate sufficient cash flow to adequately meet debt service and to pay down the line at least once throughout the operating year.
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